Get top search results with linkbuilding in Norway

It’s a tough market out there. Especially when it comes to the internet. Everybody wants to rank highly on Google, and everyone wants the algorithm to notice their product. Because the truth is, many businesses today are dependent on their online stores. Not only to sell products, but also to build up a brand online. If you are a business owner, however small, you might want to consider your position online, how you can strengthen it, and not least how you can keep it.

Linkbuilding to the rescue 

Maybe you’ve heard about linkbuilding before, maybe you haven’t. But this is a specific strategy that concerns the field of SEO- and content writing. With linkbuilding, what you do is you create a link between your webpage and another one that is ranked highly in the search engine. This, the algorithm interprets as something noteworthy, and it will affect your webpage positively.

You can see linkbuilding as a way of making your own webpage more trustworthy. The more links you have from a respected website, the better it will affect your webpage, blog, online store or whatever business you might have online. It will most definitely affect your ranking in the search engine as well, and a top result in your field might not be as far away as you think. Especially in Norway where the market isn’t as competitive as in English speaking countries.

What is SEO exactly?

Of course, linkbuilding is a part of what people call SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a very specific field that’s relevant when creating content for the internet. Because the internet is such a huge place, what you want when you put your products or texts online is attention. Otherwise, nobody is going to notice you, and that won’t sell any products.

When people use the internet, they often use a search engine when looking for websites. This could be Google, Bing, Yahoo and a few more. So, what they find via those search engines is often what they consider the best products. This means that you want to make yourself available to the search engine first and foremost, and then the clients will come automatically.

Consider people as well as the algorithm

Often you would find search engine optimized content on a lot of webpages and occasionally you’ll run into some weird textual choices. The search engine isn’t perfect, and it will only consider what people type in the search bar. Even though you as a business need to consider the algorithm, it’s a good idea considering the people behind the screens as well.

You might want to ask yourself: “What are people typing when they are looking for this product?” or “What do people want to solve when they have this problem?” The more you understand the digital needs of your potential clients, the better suited you are for new customer in your online store. And this is exactly what search engine optimizing and linkbuilding can help you with.