What are backlinks?

This article describes what a “backlink” is, in an understandable way, and how backlinks to your website are critical to the website getting visitors from Google.

Simply described, a backlink is a link from one website to another. It’s a small piece of code for example. a post on your website / blog that links to another website.


You have written on your blog a post / review of an online casino. e.g. Bet365, and in your post you have made a link to Bet365 so that the reader of the post can click through to Bet365.

A backlink is, purely technically, used by search engines like Google to evaluate whether the content a website publishes is readable and valuable. Following our example of Bet365, in Google’s view, it means that a link from a post on a Bet365 website is a signal that Bet365 is worth a visit.

It may then turn out that the post may be a bad review or a positive review – but nonetheless, a backlink from a post on one topic to another website is a clear signal that the topic is worth reading.

Google will now add a value to the website to which that backlink refers. The value is relative in relation to a number of parameters and we will not go into that in depth here. The most important thing here is that backlink from one website to another adds the recipient of the backlink value. This value is equivalent to a higher ranking on Google search results on keywords related to the topic.

Therefore, it is essential for a website to have many high-quality inbound backlinks. Low-quality backlinks can in some cases have the opposite effect.

How does a backlink work in practice?

As mentioned earlier, the game backlinks saw a vital role in your online marketing strategy. In order to achieve the high and attractive rankings in Google search results, inbound backlinks are essential.

To get visitors or customers to your website it must be possible to find your website on Google. And does your website shop for example. About online casinos and gambling, it’s important that your website ranks high on Google for keywords related to these topics.

Suppose you have a website about sports events for example. World Cup in soccer. You write news about the matches for the World Cup and the teams participating. If you are good at your research and have the say in your power, then it is exciting reading for a sports fanatic football fan.

You may know a journalist from an online news media and show the person your website about the World Cup in football. Hopefully you have written such good and exciting content that your friend finds it exciting. Since your friend, the journalist, writes about sports events on his news media, the person chooses to write a post about the World Cup in soccer and in that post make a backlink to your particular website.

You have now received a backlink to your website and if you are lucky, it is from a website that is well visited and therefore it provides backlink great value for your website. Google discovers after a while that there is now a backlink to your website and your website will eventually start to rank higher on keywords about the World Cup.

It is a gross simplification of how backlinks work, but it provides a practical understanding of why backlinks are so crucial to whether or not a website gets visitors.

How can you get backlinks?

The discipline of providing backlinks to your website is called “linkbuilding”. And all in all, your simplicity is to provide inbound links and signal to Google that your website has relevant, readable and valuable content on a topic. The higher your website ranks in Google search results, the more visitors your website gets and your business grows.

There are many ways to get backlinks to your website. Here is a brief overview of the most common:

  • If you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube profile then start by adding a link from there to your website.

  • Create good and readable content on your website. Popular content is “how to” guides or “what is” explanation of topics. Send these guides to other websites that have related content and ask if they will link to your website.

  • Ask if you may author a guest post on a popular blog or website that has a topic related to your website.

These are the most basic methods of obtaining backlinks. Common to them is that they require time and patience. It takes time to convince others to make a link to your website.

Another strategy for link building is to buy backlinks from other sites. The main advantage is that it makes the whole process much faster and you will see results in a short time. Of course, it is an investment that must match the ambitions you have with your website. If you run a personal blog or just have a website as a sideline, then it probably won’t pay to buy backlinks.

However, if you work with affiliate marketing or sell products / services on your website, we would clearly recommend investing resources in a linkbuilding strategy that includes buying backlinks.

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